About Generation Hip Hop

Generation Hip Hop is a global, youth empowerment and development program, initiated by the Universal Hip Hop Museum, and the Africa Rising Foundation. The aim is to establish satellite Non profit organisations, under one Hip Hop brand, across the world.

To date, 37 countries have enlisted, and the ambassadors, are in the process of nominating their committees. These entities will comprise of influential artists, performers and intellectuals from all elements of Hip Hop. They are all, invested and committed to the aims of GHH.

GHH will become an influential movement in the new global village. Youth of today especially, need empowerment through something they can relate to, and believe in. GHH aims to harness the progressive talent of otherwise disenfranchised youth, into a collective, dynamic and productive international program, guided by a central committee.

The aims of the program initially will be to set up infrastructures to deal with the symptoms of the world as it is. Our network will enable us to set up pre structured and designed community arts workshops, youth empowerment initiatives, co operative events, programs for conflict resolution, hunger alleviation, edutainment, and especially, refugee assistance.

GHH is also designed to facilitate sustainable, vital, and transparent CSI initiatives. Blue chip and corporate entities will have the opportunity to partner GHH globally, in specifically initiated Cause Related Marketing (CRM) programs. This means that the funds generated for GHH, through the partner, will be acquired through pre designed CRM campaigns endorsed by credible and current personalities, and organisations. These campaigns will be influenced by our global reach, and will be driven independently in each country as well. GHH will perpetuate the UHHM mandate of Peace, Unity and Love, through our initiatives, and international network.


12805739_10206558556066076_7536564927251257987_nThe GHH logo is central to the strategic and progressive development of the program and will be the subject of a global, brand building initiative, endorsed by credible and recognised personalities.







Steering Committee

Rocky Bucano, UHHM Oversight
Ndaba Mandela, Chairman
Terence Barry, Director Strategic Partnerships
Raquel Delgado, Director Communications
Ebeline Davids, Company Secretary
Robinne Burrell, Director Technology
Dr. Richard Reeves, Director Education
Roderick Roachford, MAATH Program
Clara Guilarte, Latin America Communications and Women’s Advocacy
Silas Babaluku, Director GHH Africa
Ibrahim Adnan Ghunaim, Director Arab Countries
Stefanus Ong Martadinata, Asian Communications
Dylan Fortune, Website Director
David Sphiwe Mthembu, Website Director




Managers of Generation Hip Hop


USA, Roderick Roachford (Chip Fu)

SPAIN, Raquel Delgado


ITALY, Andrea Lazzero

MÉXICO, Alfredo Martínez

UK, Martin Askem

CUBA, Yosmel Sarrías (Sekou)


UGANDA, Silas Babaluku

AUSTRALIA, Robbie Ettelson


GUATEMALA, Rebeca Eunice (Rebeca Lane)

NEW ZEALAND, Caitlin Robb (Kunoichi)

CHILE, Gabriela Deyas

SOUTH AFRICA, Inyambo Imenda

FRANCE, Sebastien Coulombel (Pizko MC)

LESOTHO, Khabo Tumelo (Pele Feela)

PUERTO RICO, Christian Carrion (Nuff Ced)

COSTA RICA, Natasha María Campos (Nakury)

PERU, Rafael Ramírez (Rafomagia)


ARGENTINA, Cielo Moreno

VENEZUELA, Clara Guilarte (Apolonia)

INDONESIA, Stefanus Ong Martadinata (M’Dee)


ISRAEL, James Chaim Yativ (Jaime)

SWITZERLAND, Andrew Robinson

KENYA, Hustlajay MauMau

DENMARK, Jonas Elwin

TANZANIA, Jimson Julius Kivuyo (GP Rowdix)

BRAZIL, Miwa Kozuma

HONDURAS, Angel Valladares (Mc Ko-Co)

PANAMA, Arnold Quintana

IRAN, Maryam Carymi

NIGERIA, Innocent Bitrus Waziri (I-Fiction)

INDIA, Sayma Khan

COLOMBIA, Luis Fernando Álvarez (Aka)

EGYPT, Tanji Gilliam

PALESTINE, Ibrahim Adnan Ghunaim (Mc Gaza)

TUNISIA, Jandoubi Marwen (Dj JanMar)

RWANDA, Ndagijimana Mugisha Serge (B-Bank$)