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02 Jul Art and Activism

During War, He Makes Art:  Painter Antonio Mcilwaine creates, curates, and advocates Rakim: Hip Hop is Still Living by Antonio Mcilwaine donated by the artist to the Universal Hip Hop Museum Do you remember what came effortlessly to you when you were growing up? You know what I’m talking about:...

08 Jul Documenting Hip Hop History: From the Broom to the Ceiling, Taylor Golonka Documents Michael Chambers’s Contributions to the Culture

  “Boogaloo Shrimp” Poster Signed by Producer/Director Taylor Golonka and Dancer/Choreographer/Singer Michael Chambers   Iconic. Things and people that are iconic are revered and idolized. While the word is somewhat overused today, in Hip Hop we are appropriately selective with it. We recently acknowledged the 35th anniversary of “Breakin’,” a truly iconic film...