The Hip-Hop Education Center at the Universal Hip Hop Museum catalyzes social change by informing and influencing the field of education to be more equitable, inclusive and culturally responsive to students through professional and leadership development,  an international Hip Hop Education Think and Do Tank, and archiving, and preservation symposium.

Our Mission

The mission of the UHHM’s Education Department is to serve K-12 schools, institutions of higher education, and community building organizations through the development, advancement, and access of archives, exhibitions, and Hip Hop-based education.  

The Universal Hip Hop Museum (UHHM) offers the community a variety of educational activities and resources including guided exhibition tours, film screenings, talks, workshops, and lesson plans. The Education Department works with the Curatorial Team, Archives and Collections Department, and Visitor Services to provide patrons with a pleasant meaningful interactive experience.


Education Guide

This education guide is designed to bring structure to middle school and high school class trips, while also providing ways to prepare for the visit and continue teaching and learning beyond the visit.

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Student Ambassador Program

Join a community of interns to gain work readiness skills and learn about museum practices.The UHHM Student Ambassador Internship Program is available to undergraduate and graduate students on a rolling basis.

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Educational Programming

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Explore the global evolution of hip hop through the rappers, fashion, poetry, stories, images, music, innovative dance styles, street art and the culture that defined hip hop’s history.


Education Committee


Martha Diaz

Committee Chair
Founding Director – Hip Hop Education Center

Martha Diaz (MD) is a community organizer, media producer, archivist, curator, educator, and a serial social entrepreneur. MD is one of Women’s eNews distinguished 21 Leaders for the 21st Century whose work has traversed the hip-hop entertainment industry, the public arts and education sector, and the academy over the last 25 years. MD was a Senior Fellow at the Smithsonian’s Institution National Museum of American History, Lemelson Center for the Study of Invention and Innovation – National Museum of American History, Curator/Scholar at The Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture, Community Scholar at Columbia University, and The Nasir Jones Fellow at Harvard University. She is a 2020 MacArthur Civic Media Fellow at the USC Annenberg Innovation Lab where she is designing the first online hip hop school.


Christina Desnoyers

Christina Desnoyers is a lover of all things hip hop, education and social impact. With both music industry and classroom experience, she had the opportunity to merge the two by creating a 9-12 Speech and Communications course through the lens of hip hop, which she currently teaches in Nashville, TN. Christina blooms at the intersection of arts/entertainment and education. Therefore, when she’s not in the classroom she spends her time creating innovative programming that bridges education and the arts/entertainment through her LLC, For the Kids.


Marq Hawkins aka DJ Cli-N-Tel

Author of the book, DJ CLI-N-TEL: The Autobiography, Essays and Writings of a Modern-Day Renaissance Man. He is a member of the west coast pioneering group, The World Class Wreckin Cru. Marq is the Co-owner of Blazed and Amused and writer and director of the Blazed and Amused The Movie LLC. He produced Breakin 3 (Groove Street) and served as a producer at Cannon Films. He was the writer and director for the movie, Einstein Love and Light  He serves as a National Advisory Board Member – Universal Hip Hop Museum, CSUN Advisory Board Member – CIPHER (Center For The Interdisciplinary Pursuit of Hip Hop Elevation and Research), and President and CEO of The Universal Hip Hop Network.  Marq earned a BA – African-Ethnic Studies, MAEd.


Kashema Hutchinson

Kashema Hutchinson is a Ph.D. candidate in the Urban Education program at the Graduate Center (CUNY). She is currently the Co-Director of the Undergraduate Leadership Program and a Doctoral Fellow at the CUNY Graduate Center at The Futures Initiative. Kashema creates hip-hop infographics and uses them as educational tools. Recently, she has facilitated discussions with incarcerated populations at the Rikers Island Facility in New York. Kashema is also an adjunct professor at CUNY.


DJ WIZ of Kid N Play

Wiz is a DJ/Hip-Hop Pioneer from Queens, NY. At the age 11, DJ Wiz started deejaying in 1977 in East Elmhurst, Queens with his crew the B-Boys. As a pioneer, Wiz helped create the legacy of hip-hop deejays in Queens. Wiz is here to teach the truth of the history and origins of Queens Hip-Hop. In 1981, Wiz was the DJ for the local Queens Hip-hop group called “The Turnout Brothers”, which included his partner, rapper Christopher “Kid” Reid of “Kid “N Play.  The Turnout Brothers were featured on the WHBI radio show “The World’s Famous Supreme Team Show” many times back in 1981-82. In 1987, Wiz became the DJ for the rap group Kid N Play.


Tasha Iglesias, Ed.D

Tasha Iglesias a.k.a Dr. Freeze, earned her Doctorate in Educational Leadership at California State University Long Beach. Her dissertation was titled “Each One, Teach One”: The Impact of a Hip Hop Learning Community on the Cultural Wealth of Foster Youth in Higher Education. Dr. Freeze’s research interests include: Hip Hop Pedagogy and Education in Higher Education, Theory and Praxis. Dr. Freeze develops curriculum, trains professors and presents her research across the world. She teaches Education, Hip Hop and Sport, for the Graduate School of Education, for the University of California, Riverside. Dr. Freeze also serves on the educational committee for the Universal Hip Hop Museum, as the Graduate Student Representative for the AERA Hip Hop Special Interest Group (SIG) and is currently serving as the founding President of the Hip Hop Association of Advancement and Education (HHAAE), and Chair of the Global Conference on Hip Hop Education.


Rich Nice

Over 25 years as a music and entertainment executive, Rich has worked at every level within the music industry. Hailing from the Caribbean & raised in the Bronx on Cedar Avenue he has a 1st hand experience of growing up Hip Hop. A Creative Consultant, A&R, curator, musicologist, Adjunct-Professor teaching Music Entrepreneurship and Broadcast Theory, TV producer, DJ, songwriter/producer & Content Developer are a few of the many hats he wears. The 1st rapper signed to Motown and a founding member of the multi-platinum production company the Trackmasters. Rich has garnished 3 Grammys and a Tony Award to his credits. Rich has a platform titled “The A&R Room” to discover new music & talent on Sway in the Morning/SiriusXM.


Rahman Jamaal McCreadie

Rahman is the Founder of Rap Force Academy and Executive Director of Hip Hop Congress, Inc. He is a writer, actor, emcee, and educator from the Bay Area. Rahman received his B.A. in Cinema-Television from the University of Southern California with a double-minor in Music Industry and Communications in the Entertainment Industry.  Known for his starring role in the record-breaking 2003 Sundance film “The Beat”, award-winning music (John Lennon Songwriting Contest 2014 & ’16) and professional martial arts career with Adrenaline Worldwide.


Regan Sommer McCoy

Regan Sommer McCoy is a non-profit arts administrator and music industry vet who is passionate about the interactions of hip-hop and technology. She is the founder of The Mixtape Museum, an initiative that encourages the research of mixtapes and seeks to achieve systematic preservation in the DJ and hip-hop communities. In 2016, she launched Hip-Hop Hacks, a hackathon experience that offers students the opportunity to explore how hip-hop inspires technological innovation. 

The Columbia University Community Scholar is a grantee of the Association for Recorded Sound Collections and a charter member of the William & Mary Hip-Hop Collection. In 2020, she joined the Alliance Open Archive Initiative Advisory team and the Universal Hip-Hop Museum’s Education Committee. By day, she’s a database and operations manager in Education and Community Engagement at the Brooklyn Academy of Music.


Mark Green aka Money Green

Mark is the owner of Celebrity Talent Agency Inc. booking hip-hop artists for 36 years. He has worked in the entertainment industry for more than 25 years as a record executive,manager, and agent for celebrities Mark is also the General Manager of The Lehman Center for Performing Arts in the Bronx NY. He earned a B. A. degree in Music Education from Virginia State University and an IAAM Venue Management Certificate Degree.  Mark producer and Publisher of #1 R&B song “Remember the First Time” by Eric Gabel EMI Records “1989  and hip hop record “ Midnight Hour” by Spice MC EMIRecords 1990. Mark is also the former Manager of Grandmaster Flash, Guru (Gangstarr) and SWV. He was the book publisher of the Grandmaster Flash Story on Double Day and created the record distribution company for the artist “Prince.”

Student Ambassadors

Oscar Castillo (NYU)

Archiving and Curatorial Assistant

Naomi Ligon (CUNY)

Visitor Services

Gio Donovan (Oberlin College)

Assistant to Executive Director

Amber Smalls (Hostos)

Visitor Services and Education Assistant