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12 Sep WaxPoetics – The Insane Collection of DJ Cash Money

DJ Cash Money’s legacy as a turntable heavyweight began in 1988 when he won the DMC World Supremacy battle. After effortlessly beating down the competitors, DMC banned him cashmoneyfrom entering the competition again—no one else stood a chance, they said. The same year, Cash went on to win the New Music Seminar and American Mixing Championship competitions. He remains the only DJ in the world to have held all three titles simultaneously.

Applying his dexterous skills to the studio, Cash has also made a name as a diligent beat builder, putting out mixes for seminal labels such as Sleeping Bag and dropping old-school jams like Where’s the Party At? with partner MC Marvelous. Over the years, he has worked with everyone from PM Dawn and Q-Tip to Busta Rhymes and the Roots.

His underground mixtapes have been sought after amongst the b-boy community, especially cult mixes like his WKIS-FM (a fantasy radio show) and his Old School Need Ta Learn-O – Plot I and II, which have sold out and have been rereleased time and time again.

Still active on the global club and festival circuits, Cash currently hosts a regular night in Manhattan called “The Get Down,” where he drops not hip-hop jams but hot funk nuggets alongside pal Rich Medina.

His mixtape Head Bangin’ Funk 45s started life as a promo for the night and features a fat stack of grooves from the likes of James Brown, Jean Knight, Ohio Players, Rick James, Dennis Coffey, Cymande, Betty Wright, Marva Whitney, Ike and Tina Turner, Pure Pleasure, and Gil Scott-Heron—all cut and blended to perfection by one of the world’s finest turntable craftsmen.